Server Consolidation Ratio

August 27, 2009

As a virtualization consultant I am always interested in performance figures of VMware implementations. Especially the achieved server consolidation ratio is an important figure in combination with the used hardware for the VMware implementation.

To get more inside this subject I would like to gather information on your VMware implementation and the achieved server consolidation ratio. I will publish this information on my Consolidation Chart  which is available for everybody. This way, you can compare your consolidation ratio to that of others!

When there is enough information I will publish the figures in a consolidation rate whitepaper.

I am asking the following information from you:

Number of hosts: provide the number of used hosts
Number of VM’s: provide the number of vm’s running
VMware version: ESX 3, ESX 3.5, ESX 4, ESXi 3, ESXi 3.5, ESXi 4
VMware HA: y/n (are you using VMware HA)
Tolerated host failures: (if you are  using VMware HA)
Used server brand: provide the used server brand
Used server type: provide the used server type
Number of CPU’s in host: provide the number of CPU´s per host
Type of CPU in host: provide the CPU type used
Number of RAM in host: provide the number of configured RAM
Used storage type: DAS, iSCSI, FC, NFS
Used storage: provide the brand and type of your storage
Satisfaction level: provide your satisfaction level of your VMware implementation in a rate of 1-5, 1=bad and 5=excellent
Remark: Any remark you would like to leave

You can provide your information as a comment to this post. I will process the comments to the consolidation chart.

I am looking forward to your information! The more information we gather the more value the consolidation chart has!

The Consolidation Chart is available here.