VMware predictions for 2011

A new year has come, and here are some of my predictions for the VMware products:

– This year a major new release of vSphere will be released, probably vSphere verion 5.0. This new release will contain the following new features:
    – VMware ESX will no longer be available. This release is based on ESXi
    – Stateless support for ESXi will be added
    – Building on the Storage I/O feature, Storage DRS will be introduced
    – Integration with the storage layer will be further expanded through VMware VAAI
    – Power management functions will be further extended
    – New features will be available for automatic provisioning of ESXi
    – Replication of virtual machines will be provided by the hypervisor
    – VMware Fault Tolerance will support more vCPU’s
    – The vSphere client for the iPad will be released

– This will not be the year of VDI. VDI market penetration will rise, but doesn’t gain a significant market share.

– VMware View will get the following new features:
    – The security server will support PCoIP
    – Integrated profile management
    – The PCoIP protocol will be further optimized
    – The View client for the iPad will be released

– This year the focus will be more on the VMware Management products

– The VMware vShields product will further evolve and integrate with more VMware products

One Response to VMware predictions for 2011

  1. Dave Convery says:

    WOW! Can you say “Violates NDA!”

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