Tape Backup Integration with VMware Data Recovery

VMware Data Recovery (VDR) is VMware’s virtual machine backup product included with the following editions of VMware vSphere:

  • Essential Plus
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Plus

The following is a list of the key features of VMware Data Recovery.

  • Disk-based backup and recovery. Utilizes disk based storage to enable speedy recovery of your virtual machines.
  • Full and incremental backup of virtual machine.  Save incremental changes and enable an efficient backup window.
  • Image level and individual file restore.  Recover entire virtual machine image in the event of a disaster (for virtual machines running any operating system) and recover individual files and directories (for virtual machines running Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • VSS support. Supports Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to enable consistent backups of virtual machines running Microsoft operating systems and applications.
  • Data de-duplication. Conserves storage space by de-duplicating data as it is streamed to the disk.

VMware Data Recovery has two options for backup targets; either VMFS or a Windows network share. VMware Data Recovery does not have an option for backup to tape.

However xtravirt has a good article on realizing tape backup integration with VMware Data Recovery. This way a 3rd party backup solution may not be required. You can find the article here.

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