Adjust Queue Depth on vSphere ESXi

March 23, 2010

The procedure for changing the queue depth of a HBA on vSphere ESXi servers differs a little bit from vSphere ESX servers. For ESXi you can performe this procedure from the vSphere CLI or the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA).

The following example describes the procedure for changing the queue depth for a QLogic adapter:

  1. Verify which QLogic HBA module is currently loaded by entering the following command:esxcfg-module -list | grep qla
  2. Run the following commands. The example shows the qla2xxx module. Use the appropriate module based on the outcome of the previous step.vicfg-module -s ql2xmaxqdepth=64 qla2xxx

    In this case, the HBA represented by qla2xxx will have its LUN queue depth set to 64.

  3. Reboot your host.

Corrupted vCenter Management Webservices monitor

March 10, 2010

Sometimes after renaming your vCenter server or performing an upgrade of vCenter the vCenter Management Webservices monitoring can get correpted. The most visible symptoms of this problem is within the vCenter Service Status of the Administration section of the VI client:

vCenter Management Webservices shows an Alert with a message of

“Unable to retrieve health data from https://servername.mydomain.local:8443/vws/Query/Health

This error can be corrected with the following procedure:

  1. On the vCenter server go to Start -> All programs -> ADAM -> ADAM ADSI Edit
  2. Right click on the ADAM ADSI edit and select connect to
  3. Ensure the following is selected under connection settings:

    Connection name: VC
    Server name: localhost
    port: 389
    Distinguished name is selected and name is dc=virtualcenter, dc=vmware, dc=int
    Click OK to connect

  4. You need to delete :CN=<VCGUID>,OU=ComponentSpecs, OU=Health, dc=virtualcenter,dc=vmware,dc=int
  5. After deleting this container you will need to restart the vCenter service and the webaccess.

A new container will be created and the error mentioned above will be corrected.

You will also notice that the storage management service monitor does not show up anymore. Don’t worry. After a couple of minutes the monitor will return.