Install ESXi 4.0 to USB storage devices

With the release of VMware vShpere 4.0, VMware has made it possible to install ESXi 4.0 to USB storage devices directly attached to the server. To ensure VMware support you have to use a USB key that is approved by the server vendor for the particular server model on which you want to install ESXi 4.0 on a USB flash storage device.

I am currently building a VMware cluster based on ESXi 4 to host virtualized XenApp 5 servers. This cluster is based on HP BL460c G6 blades which have a nice SD Memory slot to boot from.

HP supports ESXi 4 on the following usb storage devices:

– Kingston SD Flash Memory: 2GB Elite Pro SD Card 50x
– HP v100ss 2GB USB flash drive

I am going to test a diskless ESXi 4 host based on the Kingston SD Flash Memory and will post my results on this blog.

More information: and HP

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