ESXi CIM Agent bug

The CIM agent allows ESX to monitor the hardware status of the physical server and provide this hardware status information back to the administrator either through vCenter Hardware status or Health Status views.

Unfortunately there is a problem in the CIM agent in combination with the OEM providers and some IHV information that is reported whether the Hardware exists or not on the host. This problem can result in intermittent lockups of the ESX host.

The problem can be detected by the following warning messages in de vmkernel log of ESXi 3.5 update 4 or ESXi 4 hosts.

StorelibManager::createDefaultSelfCheckSettings – failed to get TopLevelSystem Jul 29 19:53:57 vmkernel: 0:06:03:34.837 cpu2:5535)WARNING: UserThread: 402: Peer table full for sfcbd
Jul 29 19:53:57 vmkernel: 0:06:03:34.837 cpu2:5535)WARNING: World: vm99478: 1111: init fn user failed with: Out of resources!

VMware recommends to disable the CIM agent until this problem is resolved. If this service is disabled or otherwise not available, no updated hardware status information is received until it is available again.

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2 Responses to ESXi CIM Agent bug

  1. Potvorov Alexey says:

    Does permanently solution this issue for ESXi 4.0 ?

  2. Samantha says:

    Nice blog, i like it, its informative,
    i will visit his blog more often.
    i like your article specially about
    ESXi CIM Agent bug


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